Nadeem is Bad News for Santa Clara City Council

  • Check out the following tracking the "dark money" trail behind Mohamed Nadeem:
  • Do you know that the infamous Muslim Brotherhood is right here in our own backyard?  The Muslim Community Association (MCA) in Santa Clara is one of its biggest strongholds in America.
  • Do you know that the Muslim Brotherhood uses the fictitious name the "Muslim American Society" aka MAS to hide their connection to the Muslim Brotherhood from the American and Muslim societies?
  • Do you know that the Muslim Brotherhood is banned in many countries around the world including many countries in the Muslim World?  Check out this article on the Telegraph regarding the status of Muslim Brotherhood in the UK.  It is about time the US banned the Muslim Brotherhood as it is in many parts of the world.
  • Do you know that most of the MCA Community and even the younger MAS generation are totally unaware of the connection between the Muslim Brotherhood, MAS and the MCA?
  • Check out this investigative report from the Chicago Tribune documenting the secret underground network of the Muslim Brotherhood in America and the extent to which they are willing to go to hide that network from the public.
  • Check out Wikipedia's references documenting the connection between MAS and the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • Do you know that Mohammed Nadeem was MCA's President for 4 years plus another 2 years prior to that as its Vice President?  Do you think he can hold that position at the MCA without knowing any of these connections?  Are you willing to take that chance?  Shouldn't he disclose that kind of information to Santa Clara City voters as he runs for Santa Clara City Council for the 4th time in 8 years?  Have you wondered why MCA's own website makes no reference to Mohamed Nadeem as its President and VP for 6 years?  And why does Nadeem hide the fact he was MCA's President and VP for 6 years on his own website?
  • Have you read MCA’s Constitution that was in effect until just 2 years ago?  Here are some of its clauses that were in effect for 30+ years including Nadeem's 6-year tenure as President and VP:
    Women excluded on MCA Boards
  • The above clauses were removed only a couple of years ago.  Do you know why?  Not because it made perfect sense to remove them.  Not because they were discriminatory towards women.  But because they were too embarrassing for Nadeem to get elected to Santa Clara City Council.  Once the above information was made public with this Ad in the San Jose Mercury News, Nadeem had a very hard time explaining to voters how he can possibly claim he is for women's rights.  Ask Nadeem yourself whey didn't he propose the above changes to the MCA Constitution and drive it through to a vote while he was MCA's President?  And that is the mentality you are dealing with.  It is not about doing the right thing as a matter of principle, it is all about making the above changes to look good this time around.  How many women do you think are on the MCA Boards of 22 members?  The answer is: only three :)
  • Do you know the MCA had an unprecedented internal investigation of its own Board of Directors during Nadeem's tenure as President/VP in which the Arbitrators' rulings were never enforced by Nadeem:Favoritism
  • Have you read Suhaib Webb's, MCA's former imam (spiritual leader) during Nadeem's tenure, editorial in MCA's newsletter describing about how Boards of Directors of Muslim Communities operate in America?  Here is a direct quote from Suhaib Webb that sheds some light what the above investigation was all about.  Here is the full editorial by Suhaib Webb:
  • Here is an amendment the MCA Community put on the ballot to deter Favoritism, Discrimination and Conflict of Interests at the MCA.  That was during Nadeem's MCA tenure as President/VP.  The amendment failed as the group behind Nadeem rallied to vote it down.  Read the amendment and ask yourself: why would anyone in the right mind vote against an amendment that declares publicly we are against Favoritism, Discrimination and Conflict of Interests?