The Relationship between MAS and MCA

Most Americans are totally unaware the Muslim Brotherhood are right here in their backyards in America.  Ironically, most Muslims are equally unaware of that fact – testament to how inconspicuous the Muslim Brotherhood operate.  The Muslim Brotherhood, and their sibling infamous organization Hamas, are accutely aware they cannot possibly operate in America, Europe and host countries around the world under their real names.  So, they go underground by setting up fasçades to fly under the host society’s radar.


The fictious name for the Muslim Brotherhood in America is the “Muslim American Society (MAS)”.  Although the Muslim Brotherhood is a minority amongst Muslims, they quickly seize control of host organizations they infilterate by threatening voters, rigging elections, and strangulating their opposition through their wolf-pack mafia-like tactics.


Ironically, it is the freedom of host societies that allow these groups to florish underground.  The Muslim Brotherhood cannot achieve a fraction of their success in countries they originated from.  The freedom they enjoy in America and Europe gives the Muslim Brotherhood the spring board to spread across the world leveraging their host country’s financial infrastructure to funnel the money.


Many Muslim Communities around America are taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood at different stages.  One of these communities is the Muslim Community Association (MCA) of the San Francisco Bay Area, based in Santa Clara, California, USA.  This site is dedicated to educating the Muslim and American societies of the Muslim Brotherhood’s tactics.  The information posted here is the information the Muslim Brotherhood do not want you to ever learn about.


The Muslim Brotherhood thrive on their deceptive image.  Only insiders know how different the Muslim Brotherhood’s inner circles are from their public acts.  Insiders who defect from the Muslims Brotherhood pose a direct threat to the Muslim Brotherhood as they expose realities that undermine the pubic fascades they worked so hard for decades to build.


The Muslim Brotherhood is after the community’s money.  They genuinely believe the Community’s wealth is “theirs” but happens to be temporarily in people’s possessions.  The Muslim Brotherhood desparately need their host’s money to finance and promote their agendas.


Below are rare glimpses of what the Muslim Brotherhood is hiding from the Muslim and American communities.  The Muslim Brotherhood is far more interested in hiding incriminating information than addressing them.  This site will continue to shed light on what the Muslim Brotherhood is hiding from their host societies until the discrepancy between their inner circles and public fascades converge – one way or another.