The Amendments the Muslim Brotherhood (MAS) Blocked For Years

Out of the 5,000+ MCA Community, the Muslim Brotherhood (MAS) made sure that only a minority registered to vote at the MCA.  The Muslim Brotherhood knows very well they are not the majority and if they let the entire MCA Community vote, they can easily be outvoted.  Read here how they achieve monopoly despite being a minority by rigging the entire system.  Throughout the years since the inception of the MCA, the Muslim Brotherhood made sure no more than 100 voters registered to vote.  If you were to sort registered voters by last name, you will detect right away how the Muslim Brotherhood monopolizes the elections.  Each Muslim Brotherhood family, known as a "MAS Family", is asked from the top down to register their entire family in groups of 5-6.  With only 100 voters registered, and no more than 15 "MAS Family" x 5 members each, the Muslim Brotherhood rigged block vote is guaranteed.  The trick is to give everyone else the illusion they have a choice when they actually do not.  And even if the majority of the MCA Community figured out how the Muslim Brotherhood rigs their elections, and managed to jump over all the hurdles and obstucles the Muslim Brotherhood put in front of voters, at the end of the day, they will not abide by the very constitution they devised to cripple other voters if the majority voted them out.  This actually happened 5 years ago.  The Muslim Brotherhood were voted out despite the hurdles they devised and they threatened the entire Community to shut down the MCA if the results were enforced.  The point is: the Muslim Brotherhood does not believe in free elections - you are only "free" to elect them.  Otherwise, you must be "misguided" and your vote needs to be "corrected".

To establish to the entire MCA Community how ridiculous the MCA voting process has become, a group of 30 brave souls managed to maneuver around the Muslims Brotherhood obstucles, register to vote, to put the following MCA Constitution amendments on the ballot.  Here is Amendment #5 defining what Discrimination, Favoritism and Conflict of Interest is.  Note how the amendments were designed to be the most basic that most people would agree with.

Believe it or not, the Muslim Brotherhood came to deliberately shoot all of the amendments down as shown below.  The question is: what in the above definition would anyone possibly disagree with?  What is so threatening about defining Discrimination, Favoritism and Conflict of Interest, unless of course the Muslim Brotherhood knows with certainty they are covering up for these kind of abuses? Read about the Discrimination at the MCA to learn why they cannot afford such amendments to pass.