Discrimination @ MCA

Have you had a chance to read the MCA Constitution?  Do you know the MCA explicitly discriminates against women in the MCA Constitution?  Check out Article VI Section (1) that says:

Article V Section (1) goes further to say:



Aren’t we lucky the MCA women’s “representative” is a actually a woman J  If you were to survey the Muslim Community, the majority will vote against these articles.  Yet the writers of the MCA Constitution = the Muslim Brotherhood, put many hurdles to prevent the Muslim Community from amending their Constitution.  One of the most dangerous subtle things the Muslim Brotherhood does the moment they seize control of their host society, knowing they are a minority, is to put hurdles in the Constitution to make sure the majority can never vote them out.


MCA Board members discriminate against women.  An internal MCA investigation of the Granada Islamic School (GIS) Board, a service institution of the MCA, confirmed the board members’ discrimination but quickly covered it up before it leaked to the public.  The Judiciary Investigation Report was never published, witness testimonies recorded on audio tapes vanished, and whole thing was covered up as if it never happened!!  One of the most dangerous attitudes the Muslim Brotherhood has is they genuinely believe the truth is what they say it is and they are above the rule of law.  The law to them is something abstract that only applies to other people, not the Muslim Brotherhood.


Below is a rare communication with the MCA President.   Note the lopsided logic where the focus is on covering up the board members’ abuse of the law not in making sure it never happens again:


-          The moral standard is *not* that discrimination is against US Federal and State Laws.  The moral standard at the MCA is: if it was committed againt teachers who were not at the Board meeting, then they don’t know, they cannot do anything about it, and there is no wrong doing!!

-          The moral standard is *not* that retaliation board members who object to the above is wrong.  The moral standard at the MCA is: retaliation against the school’s treasurer is perfectly fine as they are only volunteers!!

-          The moral standard is *not* that perjury – falsified testimony – is wrong.  The moral standard at the MCA is: perjury is only wrong when committed in a court of law not at an internal MCA investigation!!

-          The moral standard is *not* that the rule of law applies to everyone.  The moral standard at the MCA is: if the MCA elite decided the MCA Constitution does not apply to them, it won’t apply!!



Here is how you can confirm the authenticity of the above:


-          Ask the MCA Boards for a copy of the Judiciary Investigation Report that investigated the board members discrimination and favoritism.

-          Ask the MCA Boards for the transcript of the witness testimonies that were recorded on audio tapes that mysteriously disappeared after the investigation.