What Khaled Hamade Omitted from his Bio

Assalamu Alaikum GIS Parents:


Please be advised that the information you are getting from Granada is highly censored by design.  You need to diversify your sources of information or you will be left in the dark and mislead.


Take for example the GIS Board elections.  Do you really know who is behind some of the candidates on the ballot and what they stand for.  Take Khaled Hamade for example.  Here is what he “forget” to disclose in his bio.  Will have to do his disclosure on this behalf.  You can easily verify this information by simply asking him and the people who overlapped with him on the GIS Board:


-          Khaled Hamade has absolutely *no* respect for Granada’s Teachers and Staff.  He believes and this is a direct quote from him: “Teachers will do anything for a free meal”!!  That is *not* the caliber of GIS Board members.  He was explicitly instructed by his clan leaders, MAS = the Muslim Brotherhood, to leave the GIS Board.  He is trying to sneak in again.  And if he manages to do so, he will be investigated for this and other abuses.

-          Khaled Hamade has absolutely no regard to the rule of law and policies at Granada.  In his view, these policies do *not* apply to his clan members!!

-          Khalde Hamade lacks vision.  He drowned and will drown the board his micro-management keeping the board’s focus away from the bigger picture he lacks.

-          Khaled Hamade is directly involved in staging the hiring of the Principal, who is also a member of his clan, undermining the “nationwide” search for Principals after his buddy and former Principal was forced to resign.  All pending investigations were blocked by the MCA Boards.  Khaled Hamade is directly involved in blocking these investigations on behalf of his clan.


The MAS Clan (aka Muslim Brotherhood) are betting on the fact you will spread your votes tomorrow across multiple candidates for their block vote to go through.  You need to check this out to understand how the MAS Clan undermines your vote.  Have you ever asked yourself why are the candidate forum and elections held on the weirdest day of the week when far less important events are scheduled on Friday/Saturday?


I setup this website to counter the effects of information censoring at Granada and the MCA: www.insidemca.com   Please do read it, educate yourselves and verify this information yourself.  It will help you ask the right questions no one wants you to know.


Former GIS Board Chairman and Treasurer