GIS Principal Under Investigation for Favoritism & Staged Hiring

Most people are fooled by the Muslim Brotherhood's (aka MAS) public facade.  People do not realize that the Muslim Brotherhood spends most of its energy and resources desparately trying to look good as opposed to being good.  The Muslim Brotherhood is a PR-oriented machine solely focused on selling a deceptive image to people.  But if you dug a bit beyond their public facade, you will discover that what you see is *not* what you get - that it is merely a fake facade, not much different from Universal Studio's building props and facades used to shoot Western movie scenes - where you open doors to discover there is absolutely nothing resembling the facade inside.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which has its tentacles spread around the world, originating from Egypt, is betting on taking over Egypt's power vaccuum created by the infamous Egyptian revolution of January 2011.  This site is to show Egyptians, Americans and the whole world that they should never be deceived by the Muslim Brotherhood's public act and should never let them rule over anyone anywhere in the world including Egypt and Muslim Communities around the world.  If you really want to know what the Muslim Brotherhood would do if they had the upper hand, you only need to watch them closely, a bit beyond their public facades, in Muslim American Communities as documented on this site.

What people do not know is that once they vote for the Muslim Brotherhood, even on a trial basis, there is no turning back!!  The same applies to the infamous Hamas - the Muslim Brotherhood's sibling organization.  Read this article in the New York Times to better understand the commonalities between the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and how they operate.  Read this page on this site to see how the Muslim Brotherhood rigs systems, constitutions and election processes they put their hands on to make sure no one can ever vote them out!!  The Muslim Brotherhood is only interested in people's vote until they seize power.  From that point onwards, voters are deemed "misguided" if they ever thought to vote for anyone else - that would be "heresy" as the Muslim Brotherhood tries to put it - hiding behind religion.  As this site will show you, despite the Muslim Brotherhood's claims to exclusively represent Islam, Islam is innocent of their acts and they have absolutely no right to make such claims.

So, let's take an actual concrete example from the MCA to illustrate the Muslim Brotherhood's deceiptful underground decision making process.  Here is the scenario: The Muslim Brotherhood (MAS) wants Tarek Mourad's wife, Nihad Mourad, to be the School's Principal. Here is what they don't want you to know:
  • That Tarek Mourad is MAS' President hiding the biggest conflict of interest between the MAS-staged decision makers and the hiree.
  • That the Muslim Brotherhood (MAS) made that decision long *before* the staged 2-year "national search" for qualified Principals misleading the MCA Community.
  • That the School Board had to be replaced in its entirety before they got a chance to replace Nihad Mourad for defying the Board as documented here.
  • That even the replaced rigged School Board has to ask the Principal if she could be Acting Principal until they found someone else more qualified.
  • The Muslim Brotherhood (MAS) members were directly involved in the staged hiring of Nihad Mourad - namely Mohammad Farajah and Khaled Hamade - orchestrating the staged hiring to decision already made 2 years prior to the "national search".
  • That every obstacle was put in front of Nihad Mourad's competition to give her an edge.
  • That Nihad Mourad was actively involved with MAS in firing the School's Principal several years before hiding the direct conflict of interest in doing so.
  • That if Nihad Mourad, or for that matter, Khalid Obeid, Omer Ahmed's (CAIR's x-chairman) nephew, were that good as MAS claims, why did their school boards ever let them go before.
  • That the school parents were "cherry picked" by the Muslim Brotherhood to "evaluate" the candidates.
  • That the only candidate running in front of Nihad Mourad, was also a MAS member, excluding all other 13 candidates.
  • That MAS has been blocking the investigation of the above conflict of interest and favoritism for the last 3 years as documented here.
  • That Suhaib Webb, the Muslim Brotherhood's own appointed Imam (religious leader) to the MCA, summed up favoritism in Islamic Organizations across America in his daring article posted in MCA's newsletter that he later edited to claim these things happen in other organizations "but" the MCA!!
  • That Nihad Mourad thinks that changing chapter and pages numbers is the best strategy to improve the Arabic Curricula at Granada as shown below:
The question the Muslim Brotherhood (MAS) refuse to answer in public is:
If you are so sure you've done nothing wrong, why don't you let an independent Judicial Investigation, allowed by MCA's own Constitution in Article XIII, investigate, rule on the above and forward their rulings to the MCA Community?