Inside Information the MCA Boards & Muslim Brotherhood Do Not Want You to Know

This site is *not* against Islam - it is against groups that transgress against others under the pretext of Islam!  These groups work underground and thrive in the dark away from public scrutiny.  They deliberately hide their identities and group affiliations, the very tribalism Islam prohibited, to mislead the public.  The majority of the MCA Community are totally unaware that the Muslim Brotherhood (using the fictious name MAS) is right here in their backyard.  This site will do the public disclosures MAS and the MCA Boards are hiding from the public.  The principle on this site is quite simple: if these groups are so certain they have the moral compass to represent the MCA Community, they should not be hiding this information.  And if they claim they are not hiding anything, then they should not mind it being public.
Public Disclosure on behalf of Khaled Hamade
The information Khaled Hamade forgot to disclose in his bio Read this
ISNA Canada Investigated for Financial Squandering
Do you know ISNA Canada is under investigation for squandarering Zakat money? Read this
The Information the GIS Board and Principal are Hiding from GIS Parents
Information is severely curtailed at Granada Islamic School.  Read this
Discrimination @ MCA
Have you read the MCA Constitution?  Do you know the MCA Boards were investigated for Discirmination and the results were covered up?  Read this
GIS Principal Under Investigation for Favoritism & Staged Hiring
One of the most kept secrets at the MCA.  Read this
How Does the Muslim Brotherhood (MAS) Rig the MCA Elections?
Have you ever wondered what a country like Egypt would be like if the Muslim Brotherhood reached power?  Read this
Public Questions to MCA's President
The MCA President ran and is re-running for office in Santa Clara. Here are some questions he cannot answer. Read this
How the Muslim Brotherhood (MAS) Categorize & Label People
The Muslim Brotherhood categorize people into one of 5 groups. Read this
Written Testimonies about the MCA Boards
Have you read these written testimonies? Read this
The Amendments the Muslim Brotherhood (MAS) Blocked for Years
Read this
The MCA Boards Violate the IRS Laws
Do you know the MCA Boards violate both the MCA Constitution and IRS Laws? Read this
The Relationship between MAS and MCA
Do you know who MAS is?  Did you know MAS is the fictitious facade for the Muslim Brotherhood in America?  Read this and this