How the Muslim Brotherhood Label & Categorize People

The Muslim Brotherhood categorize people into one of five categories:
  1. The Muslim Brotherhood
  2. The Proxies
  3. The Unwitting Proxies
  4. The Slient Majority
  5. The Public Enemies
Group (1) is the self-appointed society's "elite".  They consider themselves the "guided ones" - the ones who "saw the light".  The rest of the world are "misguided" desparately awaiting for this group to "show them the light" and drink from their "Cool-Aid".  The Muslim Brotherhood hide their group affiliations from the public and the fact that MAS = the Muslim Brotherhood.  And in hiding their group affiliations from the public they confirm they know if people knew their real affiliations they would not go as far.  The Muslim Brotherhood has grown into a mob, a gang, and a tribe - defying the tribalism Islam had abolished for centuries.  Most of this group are directly/indirectly involved in blocking all pending investigations against MAS at the MCA.  This group hates being in the spot light.  They would rather remain anonymous and have their proxies do their work.  Here are a sample of the Muslim Brotherhood (MAS) members core:
Group (2) are the Muslim Brotherhood's proxies.  Proxies are partners the Muslim Brotherhood depend on while denying in public they have anything to do with each other.  Without proxies, people will immediately detect they are dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Proxies are used to sway public opinion against the Muslim Brotherhood.  The relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and their proxies is unique and subtle.  It is based on plausible deniability - where in public they act like they have nothing to do with one another but in private they meet at the Muslim Brotherhood's headquarters to jointly plan.  The relationship between Group (2) and the Muslim Brotherhood is based on mutual-benefit.  The Muslim Brotherhood gives them status they would otherwise not have at the MCA and in some cases even outside the MCA, in exchange for this group doing ground work on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood that they prefer to deny in public to preserve their public image.  The first three names were MCA's former Presidents and VP.  They would never make it to such positions if they were not MAS-approved proxies.  Here is a sample of this group:
Group (3) are totally unware they are being manipulated by the Muslim Brotherhood as their proxies.  Groups (2)+(3) love being in the spotlight.  Group (3) constitute the majority of MCA Boards.  The Muslim Brotherhood loves this group.  They are an excellent board "quorum fillers" to give everyone the illusion the MCA Boards vote independently when in fact the Muslim Brotherhood is running the whole show from behind the scenes despite being a minority.  You can easily detect Group (3) by asking them about their vision and plans or what they've accomplished.  Good luck with the answer:
Group (4) is the silent majority of the MCA Community.  99% of the Community have no idea what is going on.  The Muslim Brotherhood's trick is to keep this group from ever finding out the information posted on this site.
Group (5) are the ones who figured out and dare to speak up against the Muslim Brotherhood.  These are labelled the "enemy of the state" to rally the above groups to slience them.