Do you want a Proxy of the Muslim Brotherhood on Santa Clara's City Council?

  • Do you know that the MCA is one of the biggest strongholds of the Muslim Brotherhood in America?
  • Do you know that Nadeem was MCA's President for 4 years, and 2 years prior as VP but you won't find any references to him on MCA's website?  Have you wondered why?
  • Do you know that the Muslim Brotherhood in America uses the fictitious name MAS = the Mulism American Society so that Americans like you do not see the connection?  Why do you think the Brotherhood would go that far to launder their name?  Do you know the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas are sibling organizations both designated as terrorist organizations in many countries around the world?  Check out this article about the UK planning to do just that.  It is about time the US did the same.  How do you think they fly under the radar in host countries in Europe and America?  They just change their names and act like they are totally unrelated!!  Read this investigative report from the Chicago Tribune documenting the secret underground network of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.
  • Have you checked Nadeem's finances?  Check this link and this one from Santa Clara's official Campaign Disclosure site.  First, verify the following for yourself and ask: why are so many of Nadeem's donors from outside Santa Clara?  And more important: what are the chances that Nadeem and his donors would disclose their affiliations with the Muslim Brotherhood or any of its sibling organizations?
  • Have you checked Nadeem's record on any committee he was ever involved with at the MCA or the City of Santa Clara?  Have you checked with his peers if he gets any thing done?  Seriously. 
  • Have you ever spoken to him in private or public and figured out what exactly does he stand for and what his position is on anything that matters?  Was his for/against the Stadium?  Pick any subject you care about, check his website, his campaign material, or ask him in private/public.  Could you tell anything from his answers?  Nadeem is known by his peers to tell you anything and everything you want to here.  Is that the caliber you want on your City Council?
  • Have you tracked Nadeem's position on any matter that is important to you.  Take women's rights, for example.  Do you know that for decades, including Nadeem's 6-year tenure at the MCA, the MCA Constitution prohibited women from joining the MCA Boards insisting that all board members and MCA's President should be *men* except for one woman's representative out of 13?  Aren't we lucky MCA's woman's representative is a woman!!  Do you know the MCA Constitution was modified just a year ago to hide this fact from you as it severely affected Nadeem's failed campaigns over the last 2 elections?  Not that it was wrong all these decades.  Nothing changed on the ground.  The MCA Boards still have 12 men and 1 woman.  But for the public consumption's sake, the Constitution is changed just to look good in front of everyone.  Do you know that most MCA members are unaware these clauses were even there to begin with then removed just last year from the MCA Constitution? That should tell you something about how the Brotherhood operates at the MCA and what Nadeem's mindset is like.  They funniest joke is when you hear Nadeem saying he is for transparency, fiscal responsibility and women's rights!!  What a joke.
  • Do you think Nadeem will disclose any of this to Santa Clara Women's League to earn their endorsement?  Here is MCA’s Constitution with the original clauses.  Here are the excerpts you ought to read:
    MCA Constitution on Women
  • Do you know Nadeem was directly involved in covering up an unprecedented investigation at the MCA regarding conflicts of interests and discrimination on one of its Board of Directors?  Do you know Nadeem himself was under investigation that he managed to dodge by resigning from his presidency before the end of his term?  Here is one of the MCA's Judiciary Committee, an independent body that ruled on the matter most MCA members never saw thanks to Nadeem and the group behind him:
  • Have you read Suhaib Webb's, MCA's esteemed Imam, statement in MCA's newsletter about how Boards of Directors operate in America?  Here is a direct quote that exposes what the MCA Boards are trying so desperately to hide from the public:
  • Here is another example of how the Brotherhood operates at the MCA, of which Nadeem was an active participant during his 6-year tensure at the MCA. Read this amendment that MCA members put on the ballot to uproot discrimination, favoritism, conflict of interest at the MCA. The question is: why would anyone in the world vote against and shoot down an amendment like that unless they are sure they would fail them if they passed?