How Does the Muslim Brotherhood (MAS) Rig MCA's Elections?

If you want to know what Egypt will look like if the Muslim Brotherhood took over, you have to come see them at the Muslim Community Association (MCA) of the San Franscisco Bay Area.  Although the Muslim Brotherhood is a minority amongst Muslims, they managed to take over many communities across America using the tactics described on this page.  Most people do not know how the Muslim Brotherhood think.  To understand their mentality, you have to realize they have grown for decades underground.  And in doing so, they learnt how to best mislead the public through a public façade that could not be further from the truth.


Here are some of their tactics from their playbook at the MCA:


·         Change Names – One of the cheapest and most effective ways to mislead the public is to change organization names.  The Muslim Brotherhood, and their sibling organization Hamas, are accutely aware they cannot possibly operate in host countries under their real names.  Solution: change names.  Call it the Muslim American Society (MAS) and voila – 99% of the public are fooled by that move.

·         Change Constitution – One of the many reasons why the Muslim Brotherhood should *never* be allowed to put their hands on any constitution, is how they undermine it the moment they put their hands on it to make sure no one can *ever* vote them despite being a minority!!  The Muslim Brotherhood truly believes the public are misguided until they elect them.  And from that point onwards the Muslim Brotherhood has to help voters find their way to the “light” and never go “astray”.  For voters who dare to differ, the Muslim Brotherhood labels them as “lepars who ought to get medical help”.

·         Put obstucles against independent voters – Check out Article X Section (4) of the MCA Constitution the Muslim Brotherhood devised.  Note how the MCA Boards can arbitrarily change the locations and times of General Body Meetings and Voting without informing anyone!!  Imagine if you went to vote at US elections and discovered the location of your election center and the day of the elections were changed without notice!!  And that is the whole point.

·         Put MAS insiders as Voter Registrars – voter registration in advanced countries is managed by independent third parties unaffiliated with any of the competing parties under strict public supervision.  The Muslim Brotherhood knows it cannot possibly win any elections like that being a minority.  Solution: put Muslim Brotherhood *insiders* on voter registrations.  With insiders posed as voter registrars, the Muslim Brotherhood can guage and counteract block votes very easily.  The Muslim Brotherhood is a membership-only pyramid scheme – a hierachy of cells reporting up the chain the command.  That makes it very easy to tell who is affiliated with them.

·         Narrow Voters – Out of 5,000+ MCA Community members, only 50-100 (< 1%) are MCA members – and that is by design!!  This is how the Muslim Brotherhood give themselves the majority’s vote.  Narrow the votes, hide the MCA Constitution from public, register their entire families to the rest.  Here is how to verify this information: ask the MCA Board for the MCA membership list sorted by lastname J  You will find out of the 100 registered members are basically 20 Muslim Brotherhood families registering their spouses and children.  Compare this with Granada Islamic School (GIS) Bylaws, a service institution of the MCA, also devised by the Muslim Brotherhood, where according to Article III Section (2) parents can only vote one vote per family.  Here is the irony: a Muslim Brotherhood teenager has a higher vote over the fate and direction of the school than parents!!

·         Control the Minds – The Muslim Brotherhood know they cannot possibly hold onto power as a minority without filtering and editing information.  A real democracy where the public has full access to information is a direct threat to the Muslim Brotherhood.  So, the first thing they seek to control is all communication channels with the public: be it khutbas (Religious Friday sermons), newsletters, websites, mailing lists, etc.  There is no room for independent thought or disagreement with the Muslim Brotherhood.  You are either with the Muslim Brotherhood or “against Muslims” – nothing in between!!
·         Launder the Candidates – One of the most subtle tricks the Muslim Brotherhood mastered over the decades.  View this link and note how candidates are nominated through many layers of indirection to dellude voters that they have a wide range of choice when they actually don't!!  The Muslim Brotherhood use the same tactics in Egypt - where defections and disagreements are staged to the public to give voters the impression they can choose from multiple sides of the spectrum when it is all just an act to mislead the voters.  A similar tactic is how the Muslim Brotherhood alternates an Arab followed by an Indo/Pak President to dellude the latter into thinking they are voting for a non-Muslim Brotherhood candidate when they are all pre-arranged and staged by the very same group. 

·         Intimidate voters (the stick) – And if you manage to jump over all of the hurdles above, planned ahead, found your way around the hurdles setup as “mouse traps” to filter independent voters out, and waited a day before the voter registration deadline to register as a block vote, then shows the Muslim Brotherhood’s face the public rarely sees.  A few years ago a group of voters did exactly that and managed to register 500 voters to outvote the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Muslim Brotherhood called voters to theaten them.  Here is the real question: how did the Muslim Brotherhood get voter’s phone numbers and addresses without their insider access to voter registration. 

·         Block all investigations against them – The designers of the MCA Constitution devised Article XIII to allow them to investigate and remove anyone they feel like.  What the Muslim Brotherhood did not anticipate in their wildest dreams is that article can be easily be used to have them investigated, too.  So, what does the Muslim Brotherhood do?  They block all investigations against them defying the rule of law and underming the Constitution itself.  While they think they can get away with it, that won’t work for the IRS.  Do you know the MCA is currently under investigation by the IRS for violating the IRS law?  What the Muslim Brotherhood does not realize is that – what goes around, comes around.

·         Control the Money – The MCA has become a big money machine for the Muslim Brotherhood.  MCA’s 3 Million Dollar annual budget is carefully guarded and leverage exclusively by the Muslim Brotherhood to promote their agenda in the US and aboard – at the MCA Community’s expense.  The Muslim Brotherhood, the MCA Boards by proxy and their affiliated but seemingly unrelated organizations carefully orchestrate nation-wide fear campaigns to scare both the American and Muslim public of the so called “Islamophobia” to “milk money” to promote their agendas.  What the public do not realize is that “Islamophobia” is a construct created and exaggerated by these organizations to raise the money they so desparately need.  The Muslim Brotherhood cannot raise that kind of money in countries where they originated from.


The real question to challeng the Muslim Brotherhood with is: would you have any chance at any elections without the tactics above?  If you think you do, let us prove it.