Assalamu Alaikum MCA Members:

Have you had a chance to carefully review the Proposed New MCA Constitution?  Have you wondered why the “sudden” urge to rewrite the *entire* MCA Constitution now after 20 years, and why do the MCA President and EC insist your vote be "all or nothing", not per amendment?  Do you know how many version the Constitution Committee drafted over the past few years and why they all failed so far?
While the proposed constitution has one positive amendment, it is rigged with far more dangerous amendments you should carefully review before you say yes.  The only positive amendment is removing the absurd requirement that all MCA Boards have to be *men*!! Otherwise, the new constitution gives way too much power to the MCA President and the EC without any accountability.  What percent of the MCA Community think the MCA President and EC need more power and no accountability than they already have?  The answer to that question should tell you who is behind these dangerous amendments.
The MCA President, half the EC and Constitution Committee have conflicts of interests writing this new constitution that they should have disclosed to you upfront.  They did not and they won’t.  Which is what this e-mail is about.
Here are the Proposed Amendments to the MCA Constitution.  Here the analysis per subject area.  This e-mail was sent to the MCA President, EC and the Constitution Committee before they sent out the call to vote for this new constitution:
  1. Discrimination Against Women:
Most of the names referenced above are still in office as MCA President and board members!!  They have no interest in letting you know any of the above.  If any of these names wish to contest the authenticity of the above, let them call for a public debate at any time and place of their choice.  And if they do not, you should ask why.