The MCA Boards Violate the IRS Laws

Did you know the MCA Boards defiantly violate the IRS Laws?  Did you know the MCA is currently under investigation by the IRS?  Did you know the MCA Boards were investigated by an independent Judicial Inquiry that unanimously issued the following verdict:


Proper Documentation of Board Activity
In order for GIS parents and MCA community to have better insight into the GIS and MCA Boards functions and decisions; and to comply with the 501c3 charter, all MCA board meetings must be public, except when personnel matters are being discussed.  The Judiciary Committee rules that all MCA boards including the GIS board MUST capture relevant details of all decisions, except those dealing with employee issues, in meeting minutes.  These minutes MUST be posted within 2 weeks of each meeting at a location where they can be easily accessed by the community members.


The Judicial Investigation Report also documented the following violations:

… Minutes of the meeting were published without board approval.  The posted minutes were subsequently removed once it was identified that they had not been approved.  The Judiciary Committee found that such posting of minutes without board approval had happened in the past.  The Committee also found that the board had failed to regularly post its meeting minutes.


Note in the above:

·         How the MCA Boards are instructed to comply with the IRS Laws.

·         How the MCA Boards are instructed to give the MCA Community and Parents direct access to board minutes.

·         How the MCA Boards are instructed to document *relevant* information of all decisions.

·         How the MCA Boards are instructed to publish their minutes within 2 weeks of board meetings per the MCA Constitution and IRS Laws.

·         How board minutes are selectively published without board approval.


And note all of the above unanimously concluded by the 7 judges of the Judicial Investigation despite the conflict of interest documented below:


Judicial Neutrality
Whilte the text of the written report was being created, the accuser informed the Committee that one of the Judiciary Committee judges, Dr. Abdur Rahman had nominated one of the accused, Br. Samir Laymoun for the upcoming GIS elections.  The committee too immediate notice of this issue and discussed it at it next meeting.  After discussion, it was decided that this nomination did not violate the MCA Constitution and consequently no action was taken to reverse this nomination.  However, it was decided that this issue will be recorded in the final report and to guide future Judiciary Committees, it is recommended that in the interest of preservoing neutrality of the Judiciary Committee process, Judiciary Committee judges must stay neutral in the all issues that may be affected by the ruling of the Judiciary Committee.  Dr. Abdur Rahman agreed that it is better for a judge not to nominate an individual who is involved in a Judicial process.


Here is what the MCA Community and GIS Parents do not know:


·         MCA Boards go for *months* without posting their board minutes defying the MCA Constitution and IRS Laws!!

·         And when they post the minutes, they are irrelevant glossing over the most critical information!!

·         Important Board Meetings that are required by IRS Law to be open to the public (except for personnel issues) are to a different time and location without prior notice to anyone to make sure no one shows up!!

·         Board agendas are never published ahead of time!!

·         The Judicial Investigation Report was quickly swept under the rug, the audio tape recordings of the witness testimonies disappeared with transcribing them, the verdicts where never communciated to the public nor applied, and the whole thing was dismissed as if it never happened!!


So, why do MCA/GIS board members put all of the above obstacles to prevent the MCA Community and GIS Parents from attending the board meetings and transparently over-seeing the decision process?  What have they got to hide?  The answer is: board members hate public oversight.  They don’t want the public to know the kind of things they say at board meeting that are required to be open to the public.  Here are direct quotes of what board members say at these board meetings.  Ask these board members to deny these quotes:


·         Khaled Hamade, the GIS Board Chairman, in his judgment of the GIS staff stated that: “[GIS] teachers will do *anything* for a free meal”!!

·         Samir Laymoun, the GIS Board Chairman, in trying to justify a special raise for a friend of his defying the organization’s policies argued: “He is a man supporting his family.  The rest of the staff are women”!!

·         Nuzhath Quadri, GIS Board member, arguing why the board should pay men more than women made a similar statement!!

·         Christine Chase, GIS Vice Chairperson, trying to sway the board from removing the sibling discount where the 4th child onwards go free at GIS where she is only one of three families of the 220 families at GIS benefitting from this said: “do not remove the sibling discount until my term ends or my husband will kill me”!!


Note in the above:

·         How board members operate as if they are running a “grocery store”.

·         The blatant discrimination without any accountability.


The irony is: the 4 board members above were directly involved in covering up the Judicial Investigation to make sure the MCA Community and GIS Parents never found out any of the above abuses.